Boards and Rentals

With over 150 boards to rent we have the biggest and best selection in town for all levels and styles of surfing. Our beach rental and surf school location next to the Beach Dog Cafe is the closest to the sand making it an easy walk with your board to the surf. You can store your board with us during your stay saving you the hassle of transporting your board back to your hotel or house. You can also change your board during your rental as the conditions and your abilities change.


Rental Prices

Item Day Week
Surf Board $20 $120
Premium Board $25 $150
Stand Up Paddle $30 Ask
Boogie Board $10 $50
Fins $5 $30
Snorkel, Mask & Fins $10 $50
Beach Chair $5 $25
Cooler $5 $25
Beach Umbrella $5 $25

The big question is, can I rent a quality board that I can shred or walk up the nose like I do at home? . . . . The answer is yes!!!

What Kind of Boards Does Coconut Harry's Rent?


There are many different types of surfers with various styles and levels of ability. Our goal is to carry a large quantity of inventory in great condition with many shapes and sizes to accommodate all of you. We know many of you are surfers who have boards at home, but due to the airline fees and potential damage to your board you are very interested in renting or buying boards, versus bringing them on the plane. I have over 100 boards for rent with over 20 of them purchased in the past 6 months. The sizes range from 5’6 fish to 10’ plus longboard nose riders. I am constantly buying new and used boards to keep my inventory fresh.

  • For you short boarders, I have epoxy and fibre boards with shapers like Webber, Merrick, 7S, Byrne, Rusty, JC, Nature Shapes, NSP, etc. I also have some fish shapes for the smaller days.
  • For you long board nose riders, I have epoxy and fibre long boards from 8’-10’ with names like Walden, Robert August, Schaper, Banga Perkins, Modern, Takayama, South Point, and the new epoxy NSP’s which are very fun and high performance.
  • We also have 5 high performance SUP’s for rent.
  • For the beginners, I have foam and epoxy boards that are very user friendly and great for learning to surf. We’ve also got an ever-changing selection of used surfboards to choose from.

Rental Program Details
Here are a few more details about my board rental program:

  • I don’t take reservations for specific boards. Too many people change their minds.
  • Changing boards. Yes, you can change boards during your rental period with no extra charge. It’s fun to try something new.
  • Deposit. I don’t take a big credit card deposit but you are responsible to bring the board back in the same condition you rented it.
  • I charge for dings on return.
  • If for some reason you can’t shred or walk the nose, it’s not the board’s fault.

Purchase a Board
Buy boards from Coconut Harry’s at the same price or less than you can find them for in the states, without having to worry about shipping and travel damage. To choose the board for you, click on the brand in the ‘What kind of boards does Coconut Harry’s rent?’ section above. View the model and sizing info, then contact me with your board choice, and I’ll let you know pricing and availability. Pre-order now and get a 5% discount!